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How to Style A Shelf For Fall


This weather is crazy here. One day it’s fall and the next day, it’s summer. But the calendar is telling me it’s about that time to break out the spiced lattes and pumpkins and start designing some dope Fall Shelves. Who’s down??

This year, I’m going for more of a modern Fall style. To help me keep me on track and make sure my home does not end up looking like a craft store just exploded in it, I’m using this handy little How to Style a Shelf for Fall Guide.

1. Focus the theme. Hey, if pumpkins are your thing, go crazy with them…or if little turkeys make you happy, go for it! But limit other elements and knickknacks that tend to clutter. You can certainly add them, just do so sparingly.

2. Incorporate grays and neutrals. Make sure that your grounding palette (that is the color tone that is most present on your shelf) is neutral and then bring in pops of Fall color and earthy tones. With a neutral backdrop, you can add vibrant oranges and still maintain a modern look. To layer and add interest, throw in a textured pumpkin or two to the mix. If you’re decorating a dark shelf, bring in brighter, lighter whites and creams.

3. Avoid the faux Fall arrangements. If you’re going for a fresh Autumnal look, then Just Say No to Faux. Our easy, go-to live plants are succulents. They are low maintenance, gorgeous and add beautiful texture to your space. Best of all, they coordinate with any decor.

4. Step back and rearrange as necessary. After you think that you’ve perfectly placed all of your pumpkins, stand back and get a different perspective. A well styled shelf flows and is interesting. Do not be afraid to relocate, rearrange and purge!

Hope this little guide was helpful as you decorate your shelves for Fall!

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